Life Comes Full Circle As Ryan Adams Covers Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Streets of Philadelphia’

Bruce Springsteen’s prolific career has birthed many musical offspring in his image, but none quite like his long-lost son Ryan Adams. There are many resemblances — their blue-collar ethos, that strained vocal cracking, the very fact that Adams covered Taylor Swift’s 1989 in the spirit of Nebraska — none of which are lost on Adams. He’s been chasing Springsteen his entire career, recently plucking up the courage to tweet at Springsteen the lyrics to “Streets of Philadelphia” as a heads-up that he’d soon be covering it. And so he has on tour, and now for everyone else, he’s covered it in the BBC Radio 6 studio as part of the station’s ode to 1994. (A time when Adams was just beginning his lifelong Springsteen tribute act in Whiskeytown.) We don’t need to tell you the result is an acoustic dream.

Ryan Adams Covered Springsteen’s ‘Streets of Philadelphia’