S.W.A.T. Gets the Movie-to-TV-Series Treatment With CBS Pilot

S.W.A.T. Photo: Merrick Morton/Columbia Pictures/IMDB

It’s not everyday that a 2003 action movie gets turned into a television series. Yet, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with reboot fever in full swing, CBS has greenlit just that with a pilot for S.W.A.T. The original early-aughts blockbuster saw Samuel L. Jackson recruit a bunch of misfit characters — that happened to be played by the likes of Colin Farrell, Michelle Rodriguez, and LL Cool J — to join his squad of L.A.P.D. badasses. The reboot, which is written by Friday Night Lights scribe Aaron Thomas, will see the S.W.A.T. team solving the tough crimes the other L.A. cops can’t. Justin Lin, best known for directing several Fast and the Furious films and Star Trek Beyond, is one of the executive producers and will direct the pilot .

S.W.A.T. Gets a TV Reboot With CBS Pilot