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Samantha Bee Questions Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban and Emphasis on Loyalty

Following President Trump’s news-filled week, including the immigration ban on seven mostly Muslim nations and the consequential fallout with Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, Samantha Bee turned a critical eye on Trump’s loyal followers. As it were, Donald Trump and Paris Geller of Gilmore Girls have a lot more in common than you’d think. While Trump was firing Yates for her “betrayal” and promoting those who’ve scratched his back — regardless of their abilities or qualifications — he was also pushing the idea that dissenters to his immigration policy must be against jobs going to Americans. Bee breaks down this argument by pointing to the Occupy movement: “Liberal snowflakes are multitaskers; they can make a nuisance out of themselves over white jobs and brown refugees.”

Samantha Bee Questions Trump’s Immigration Ban