Samantha Bee Explains Why Sanctuary Cities Aren’t the ‘Dystopian Hell Pits of Lawlessness’ Republicans Claim They Are on ‘Full Frontal’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee takes a closer look at the debate around sanctuary cities in the US, which are seen in a particularly negative light by the conservative crowd. “For the attentive Fox News viewer, sanctuary cities are dystopian hell pits of lawlessness where hordes of non-English-speaking illegal immigrants roam the streets at night, eating stolen tacos and murdering as many people as they want with no consequences whatsoever because crime-loving liberals swoop in to save them from punishment,” Bee says. But is Trump’s plan to strip federal grant money from sanctuary states and cities really a good idea considering most of those cities contribute more money to our government than they get back? “Look, we need comprehensive immigration reform. Some of this country’s 13,000 gun deaths a year are caused by undocumented immigrants, and that is a real problem,” Bee says. “But it won’t be solved by deporting someone’s mom for littering.” Watch the full segment above.

Samantha Bee Explains Why Sanctuary Cities Aren’t the […]