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Samantha Bee: Trump Will Have to Pry Undocumented Immigrants Out of Sanctuary Cities’ Cold, City-Sized Hands

In less than three weeks, President Trump’s winter flurry of executive orders has spanned the wide, wild spectrum of modern political quagmires. The most recent issue you must now immediately educate yourself on is the federal government’s approach to sanctuary cities, municipalities in which local law enforcement does not detain or deport undocumented immigrants for being undocumented. Trump signed an order attempting to withhold federal funding from said cities, forgetting, as Samantha Bee observes, that cities generate the vast majority of the nation’s wealth. Plus, you can get falafel at 3 in the morning. Which is a greater testament to our nation’s greatness? That’s for the people to decide.

Samantha Bee Rejects Trump Threats to Sanctuary Cities