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Yes, Kate Beckinsale Is ‘Very Proud’ of Her ‘Granddaughter’ (and Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend) Sarah Silverman, Thank You for Asking

Kate Beckinsale, granddaughter Sarah Silverman, and friends. Photo: Instagram

While Michael Sheen is hypothetically off fighting the good fight against the forces of fascism in Wales, the ladies in Sheen’s life have been left to their own devices o’er here on the home-front. But with their strong stock, they’re holding on, as Kate Beckinsale (Sheen’s ex-wife and mother of their daughter Lily) and Sarah Silverman (Sheen’s current girlfriend) are getting familial — not in a creepy sister-wives way, mind you. No, think more Amazonian matriarchal family structure, because over the weekend, Beckinsale and Silverman were out to dinner with a group including Molly Shannon, Lance Bass, and JoAnna Garcia (as one does), and Beckinsale posted a picture of the outing on Instagram. Absorbing the image, a commenter queried, “That sarah is your daughter? Pretty like you @katebeckinsale.” To which Beckinsale kindly clarified, “Granddaughter. We are very proud of her.” Of course they are! Sarah’s a keeper, and while their arrangement might seem unnaturally evolved to the stale fogies among you, if Kate is going to condone her daughter looking at nude pictures of her father, well, turnabout is fair play.

Kate Beckinsale Is So Proud of Granddaughter Sarah Silverman