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Seth Meyers Joins the Whole Population of Sweden in Making Fun of President Trump

During his regular Closer Look segment on Late Night, Seth Meyers took on a smorgasbord of different news stories from the past few days (you read that right: days, not weeks). In that time, President Trump delivered a memorable — though not well-received — press conference, found a new national security adviser, and made up a terrorist incident in Sweden that never happened, but seemed like it could have happened based on a segment he saw on Fox News the night before. Not even the Swedish Chef, the Muppets’ greatest Nordic character, could understand the fictional upheaval the country was in.

The most important takeaway Meyers offered was a word of warning to anybody hoping to become friends with the 45th president (are you reading this, Putin?): Expect to be forced to eat meatloaf on the regular. Which reminds us, what do the betting markets currently say are the odds Celebrity Apprentice contestant Meat Loaf will be joining the administration any day now?

Seth Meyers Joins Sweden in Making Fun of President Trump