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Seth Meyers Suggests That President Trump Will Need More Than a Keyboardist and Photo Ops for Foreign Policy

Like most Mondays in the age of President Trump, Seth Meyers returned from the weekend with a brand-new Closer Look segment. Whatever you think of President Trump’s decision to take on a North Korean crisis while in the middle of a crowded Mar-a-Lago dining room, you have to admit, talking about a hostile dictatorship while a keyboardist plays in the background sounds a lot more chill than any West Wing scene. Meyers, however, is concerned that perhaps grooving to some sweet jams in an upscale private club you own and then crashing a couple’s wedding for a picture opportunity might not be the best way to handle such situations. Unfortunately, Trump’s advisers seem a bit too tied up with other concerns to jump in — namely possible illegal phone calls with the Russian ambassador and trying to convince the public that people from Massachusetts sneaked into New Hampshire to vote illegally. While the claims of voter fraud seem to be unfounded, we would totally believe any story they want to throw our way about Bostonians somehow infiltrating the Falcons for that Super Bowl LI upset.

Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Foreign Policy