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Sharknado 5 Is Headed to Syfy in a Very Quick and Circular Motion

Photo: Tyler Golden/Syfy

Just when you thought there were only so many ways to construct a new story about tornadoes full of sharks, Syfy has gone ahead and ordered a fifth installment of the Sharknado franchise. The movie once again stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid as plucky heroes determined to save an America plagued by almost nonstop shark-infested tornadoes. If you saw Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens and are now wondering, “Where do you go after acquiring superpowers, donning a mech suit and flying directly into a radioactive nukenado, which, as should absolutely go without saying, is also filled with sharks?” The answer is that you take sharknadoes worldwide. Sharknado 5 will be filmed across five countries including Australia and the United Kingdom and will recount what happens when “the rest of the world braces for a global sharknado.” As you might have anticipated, “Fin Shepard (Ziering) and his family must put a stop to this disaster before Earth is obliterated.” On the bright side, none of this would be possible without an extremely robust shark population. So that’s a positive environmental development, huh?

There’s Going to Be a Fifth Sharknado on Syfy