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Sinéad O’Connor Apologizes for Accusing Arsenio Hall of Giving Prince Drugs

Sinéad O’Connor. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Sinéad O’Connor is apologizing after accusing Arsenio Hall of giving Prince drugs. O’Connor’s initial claims, in which she also alleged that Hall once drugged her at the home of Eddie Murphy, prompted a defamation suit by Hall. At the time, O’Connor seemed unperturbed by the lawsuit, telling him to “suck my dick.” Now, in a statement to TMZ, she says: “I apologize for my Facebook posts about Arsenio to the extent that anyone thought I was accusing him of acting as Prince’s drug dealer and supplying him with illegal hard drugs, or insinuating that Arsenio had something to do with Prince’s death. I sincerely apologize because those statements would be false, and I retract them unequivocally.” Hall has seemingly accepted the apology, as he is dropping the lawsuit. And so all’s well that settles out of court.

Sinéad O’Connor Sorry for Arsenio Hall, Prince Drugs Claims