Stephen Colbert Honors the Nonexistent Victims of Sweden’s Nonexistent Terrorist Attack

Over the weekend, Donald Trump confused the world and particularly Sweden when he seemed to imply during his Florida rally that a terrorist attack happened in Sweden on Friday night, and even though nothing notably bad happened in Sweden in reality, that didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from honoring all the nonexistent victims of the nonexistent terrorist attack during last night’s Late Show. “Tragically, Sweden is the third not-a-terrorist attack that has not shocked the world in the last month. First there wasn’t the Bowling Green massacre, then no one was lost in Atlanta, and now, it’s not-Sweden’s turn. When will it begin?!” Colbert says. “And just because this attack didn’t happen, folks, doesn’t mean we don’t stand in solidarity with all the people who did not suffer, and we pay tribute to all of them now.”

Stephen Colbert Honors the Nonexistent Victims of […]