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Stephen Moyer Joins Fox’s X-Men Pilot As Your Average American Dad With Mutant Kids

Photo: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

You were probably already picturing Stephen Moyer shooting lasers out of his eyes or teleporting between dimensions, but according to Deadline, the former True Blood star’s superpower on Fox and Marvel’s upcoming X-Men show will be the power of being a top-notch dad. Moyer has reportedly been cast (alongside previously announced hires Jamie Chung and Blair Redford) as Reed, “an ambitious attorney trying to balance the demands of his job at the DA’s office with his responsibilities to his family.” While that might sound like the basis for your typical heartfelt family drama, keep in mind Reed’s children are discovered to be mutants, and he and his offspring are forced to hastily escape the clutches of a hostile government. Which is to say, imagine This Is Us with three to four times the number of massive explosions.

Stephen Moyer Joins Fox and Marvel’s X-Men Drama Pilot