The ‘Jedi’ in Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi Is Plural, Meaning Luke Doesn’t Have to Die

One of those Jedi, presumably. Photo: Lucasfilm

“Jedi,” like “anime” or “moose,” is both a singular noun and its own plural. This fact presented an unexpected quandary to legions of Star Wars fans when the title of the franchise’s next installment was announced. Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi is confusing: does that mean there’s only one Jedi left, or multiple ones? Thanks to a few official foreign-language Star Wars Twitter accounts based in countries where nouns can’t be their own plurals, we have our answer: This is the plural form! That means the two Jedi we know about, Luke Skywalker and Rey, won’t have to engage in a Highlander-esque battle to be the last one. Thank goodness, because Luke wouldn’t stand a chance.

The ‘Jedi’ In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Plural