The Scarface Reboot Script Is in the Hands of the Coen Brothers Now

Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Winter

They never punched up a script in their lives that didn’t have it coming to them. According to Variety, Joel and Ethan Coen are currently “polishing” the screenplay to Universal’s Scarface reboot. If the film ends up being a dark Western noir period comedy, you know who to thank. Meanwhile, the studio continues to search for a director to replace Antoine Fuqua, who left to complete his sequel to Denzel Washington’s 2014 action movie The Equalizer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hell or High Water’s David Mackenzie and Patriots Day’s Peter Berg are both in the running to direct. Hopefully Universal will lock someone down soon, as they’ve just scheduled the reboot to premiere on August 10, 2018. That’s when you’ll finally get what’s coming to you: a new Scarface and everything that’s in it.

Scarface Reboot Script Now in the Hands of the Coen Brothers