The Weeknd Makes Nice With Drake in Cameo-Filled ‘Reminder’ Video

The Weeknd turns 27 today, and to celebrate inching closer to maturity, he’s decided to let bygones be bygones and pretend to hang out with Drake in his new video for “Reminder.” Loads of other famous people pop up — A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, French Montana, Bryson Tiller, you name it — all of whom seem likely enough candidates to just be randomly kicking it with the Weeknd on a night out. But Drake’s another story: The two have had an on-again, off-again-relationship that appeared to turn icy after Drake gave the Weekend features on Take Care and then the Weeknd repaid him by signing with a major label instead of Drake’s OVO, helping him become almost as famous as Drake. (The Weeknd also later insinuated that he was responsible for the bulk of the work on Take Care.) As time has passed, the two have taken turns saying vaguely supportive things like “that’s my guy”; now all seems tepid up north. And who says two Canadian pop stars can’t get along?

The Weeknd and Drake Make Nice in ‘Reminder’ Video