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Noted UFO Believer Tom DeLonge Will Direct a Sci-Fi Movie About a ‘Tribe of Broken Youth’

Tom DeLonge, the Blink-182 founder and occasional UFO expert, is headed to the director’s chair. He’s developing a movie that is squarely within his two areas of expertise: rebellious teens and bizarre fake science. The movie, called Strange Times, is based on his preexisting young-adult franchise that includes a website, graphic novel, and book trilogy. The story focuses on a group of disillusioned San Diego skateboarding teens who whip around town investigating paranormal activity. The story sounds oddly similar to DeLonge’s own origin story: “[It’s about] a tribe of broken youth and the restless spirit that inspired me to form Blink-182 and seek out adventure,” DeLonge told The Hollywood Reporter. (The musician’s latest adventures include trying to counsel Clinton adviser John Podesta on UFO research and serving as the subject of mind-control experiments.) Because his alien research is only a part-time gig, the maestro’s new band Angels & Airwaves will record original music for the production. Broken youth, rejoice! DeLonge has still got your back.

Tom DeLonge Will Direct A Sci-Fi Movie About ‘Broken Youth’