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Tonight Show Was Momentarily Taken Over by ‘Donald Trump’s’ Trump News Network

For a brief moment, Tuesday’s episode of the Tonight Show was taken over by a livestream of the newest 24-hour news source, Trump’s News Network, with a message from lead anchor and sole news-maker President Trump (Jimmy Fallon). Among the stories covered that you won’t see in the fake lamestream media were Trump’s golf score and a Godzilla-related incident in Finland that definitely happened. Trump also called on his Education secretary and woman-who-definitely-stared-at-the-sun-too-long Betsy DeVos (comedian Jo Firestone) to fill in as the don’t-call-her-a-meteorologist “weatherman.” Strangely, it was DeVos’s report on sunny days ahead we had the most trouble believing.

Tonight Show Momentarily Taken Over by Trump News Network