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Tracy Morgan’s New Netflix Stand-up Special Is About ‘Staying Alive’

Beyoncé’s baby boy. Photo: Getty Images

Tracy Morgan, now most famous for his role as Beyoncé’s fetus (okay, and SNL and 30 Rock) is making his return to stand-up with “Staying Alive,” a new comedy special for Netflix. It’s been almost three years since a Walmart truck driver crashed into a limousine carrying Morgan and a group of his friends on a New Jersey highway, sending Morgan into a life-threatening coma. Now, in “Staying Alive,” he’ll address how he coped with traumatic brain injury, learned to walk again, and how he “fell for” his physical therapist. The special comes out May 16 on Netflix. Until then, live every week like it’s shark week.

Tracy Morgan’s New Stand-up Special Is About ‘Staying Alive’