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Trevor Noah Adds Color Commentary As Trump and the Federal Judiciary Take It to the Court

You might reassure yourself that only God can judge you, but you’re clearly forgetting about one very special category of people: actual judges. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah gave the play-by-play of President Donald Trump’s feud with U.S. District Court judge James Robart over the suspension of Trump’s travel ban. After the courts declined to side with POTUS, he took his case to the highest court in the land: the court of public opinion. If Trump and the judicial branch of the United States’ government can’t hash things out on Twitter, there’s only one court left to turn to: an NBA-regulation-size basketball court. If nothing else, watching them try to dunk on each other would make this whole thing almost, kind of, in some way worth it.

Trevor Noah Talks Trump’s Anti-Federal-Judge Tweets