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South Park’s Creators Say They Don’t Know How to Approach Satire in the Age of Trump

Photo: Comedy Central

Despite South Park coming out swinging last year with a few particularly scathing anti–Donald Trump satirical episodes, the brain trust behind the long-running Comedy Central series wants to make it clear that satirizing the current political climate isn’t an easy task in the slightest. How exactly, you ask? South Park co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone say they couldn’t possibly write something more ludicrous than the idea of a former reality-TV star becoming president of the United States. “It’s tricky now because satire has become reality,” Parker told ABC Australia. “It’s really hard to make fun of and in the last season of South Park, which just ended a month and a half ago, we were really trying to make fun of what was going on but we couldn’t keep up, and what was actually happening was much funnier than anything we could come up with. So we decided to kind of back off and let them do their comedy and we’ll do ours.”

With the duo now choosing to eschew tackling politics in their writing for the time being, they also said they were unsure that Trump’s administration would bring with it a so-called golden age of satire. “People say to us all the time, ‘You guys are getting so much good material,’ like we’re happy about some of the stuff that’s happening,” Stone explained. “But I don’t know if that’s true. It doesn’t feel that way. We’re having our head blown off like everyone else.” All eyes are on you then, Alec Baldwin.

South Park’s Creators Don’t Know How to Do Satire With Trump