Trump Says It’s Time to Put ‘America First,’ So These European Countries Are Campaigning to Be His #2

During his creepy inauguration speech last month, Donald Trump told the crowd that his biggest goal during his presidency is to put “America first,” so now, a bunch of countries in Europe have decided to troll the new POTUS by rallying for their shot at being considered the #2 country. According to Vanity Fair, this new trend of videos from various European comedy shows and magazines began with this video from Dutch show Zondag met Lubach, and since the video’s smash hit success – it currently has over 17 million views – several other European shows have thrown their hat into the ring too.

Here’s the video from the Netherlands that started it all:

The Swiss entry from Deville Late Night:

Denmark’s Natholdet:

Lithuania’s Laikykites Ten:

Portugal’s 5 Para A Meia-Noite:

Belgium’s De Ideale Wereld:

Germany’s Neo Magazin Royale:

You can keep track of all the countries who are hoping to get Trump’s coveted second-place spot on the official “Every Second Counts” website or Twitter page.

Trump Says It’s Time to Put ‘America First,’ So These […]