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Watching Katy Perry’s Dancing House Fall Offstage Will Teach You More About Economics Than The Big Short

Earlier this week, Katy Perry debuted the music video for her extremely woke anthem “Chained to the Rhythm,” but it wasn’t until today’s Brit Awards that we learned the true depth and nuance of her societal critique. Let’s examine this video in which one of the many houses in her performance tumbles offstage at a crucial moment, but remains stubbornly lit as it lies on the ground. Clearly, the profusion of houses is a metaphor for the bubble created by lax government regulation. In the chaos of this supposedly free market, individuals lose — especially those, like this poor little house, on the margins. But Perry doesn’t stop there. In a stunning indictment of American selfishness and passivity, the other houses troop on, ignoring the fate of those in need. Oh, Katy! You cut us to the quick! HUD Secretary Ben Carson, pay attention!

Watching Katy Perry’s House Fall Off the Stage Is Econ 101