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Let the Roots Guide You Through NBA History With Their Basketball Musical ‘The Evolution of Greatness’

The National Basketball Association might be biased, but they’re pretty into professional basketball. Which explains why the annual NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night started with a full original musical dedicated to the league’s history, written by the Roots: “The Evolution of Greatness.” Hamilton actor Daveed Diggs, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Michael B. Jordan, Jidenna, and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels all played a part in the seven-minute spectacle that covered the league’s simple, record-making beginnings to the flashy super-star-wearing-short-shorts days to the current “era of the bosses.” Though the Roots declined to name any one era the greatest of them all, that was them just being polite: Clearly the ’90s, when Michael Jordan saved a cartoon society from evil hoops-playing aliens, was the most important.

Watch the Roots’ Basketball Musical From NBA All-Star Game