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Watch Archer and Co. Go All 1940s in the Archer: Dreamland Trailer

As anyone who watches the show habitually knows, the rules in the Archer universe are a little bendy. Still, it came as a bit of a surprise when it was announced last fall at New York’s Comic Con that season 8 of FX’s beloved crass animated series would be retooled once again, this time transporting the entire crew, all timey-wimey style, to 1947. As previously reported, this season sees Sterling Archer not as a spy but an old-fashioned gumshoe (or P.I., or Dick, if you will). And as this newly dropped trailer shows, the setting will provide a lot of linguistic fodder for the writing staff (“Screw!” being parlance for, essentially, “Get outta here,” in ’40s speak) and noir-era fun for all involved. The new series premieres April 5, and along with the premise shift, the show itself is also moseying over to FXX. Holy mackerel, flatheads (check it out, guys).

Archer and Co. Go All 1940s in Archer: Dreamland Trailer