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Bill Nye Is Back Just in Time to Save the World in the Trailer for His New Netflix Show

Grab your graduated cylinder and dig our your balance scale: Bill Nye has returned to our TVs! And, because desperate times call for desperate measures, the Science Guy is on a special mission to save the world — literally, the show is called Bill Nye Saves the World. With assists from special correspondents — Karlie Kloss, Derek Muller, Nazeem Hussain, Joanna Hausmann, and Emily Calandrelli — his Netflix talk show will tackle the tough stuff, like global warming, sex, alternative medicine, and more (probably a certain White House’s alternative facts, too). In the words of one Bryson Tiller, Bill’s back and he’s better: Guest stars including Rachel Bloom, Zach Braff, Diamond Stone, and more will help America’s foremost scientist in his lab. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye Saves the World will be available on Netflix April 21.

Watch the Trailer for Bill Nye’s New Netflix Show