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Lorraine Bracco Waited 25 Years to Watch Goodfellas Because She Knows Watching It on TV Ruins It

Lorraine Bracco.

Lorraine Bracco was 36 when she starred as Karen Hill in Goodfellas, but she hadn’t seen the mob movie in its entirety until last year. “Well, I went to the premiere, but I missed the start doing interviews, and then they pulled me out before the end,” she told The Guardian. “And by the time I came home it wasn’t playing. And I never wanted to see it on TV.” See, even Lorraine Bracco knows: Watching the censored TV edit of Goodfellas is a waste of everyone’s time. She was going to see it in full for the first time in 2015 at a 25th-anniversary screening, but she was interrupted by interviews then, too. But last year, the stars aligned and she got a chance to watch herself play the role that nabbed her an Oscar nomination without any interruptions. “And finally I see it last summer, outdoors in L.A. [at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery] Beautiful … 4,000 people, a full moon. And me.” What’d she think? “It’s funny. I mean, laugh out loud,” she said. “I never realized.”

Why Lorraine Bracco Finally Watched Goodfellas Last Year