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Daniel Kaluuya, Your New Hollywood Crush, Joins Steve McQueen’s Widows

Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

When Get Out opens tomorrow it’s going to introduce American audiences to Daniel Kaluuya in a big way. (Yes, Sicario was great, but it was also a fairly low-key project.) The movie has a near perfect critical consensus so far and is on track for a strong opening at the box office; just to sweeten Kaluuya’s weekend a little more, Variety is now reporting that he will join Steve McQueen’s next film, Widows. The movie is an adaptation of a 1983 British miniseries of the same name about a trio of widows who come together to finish the armed robbery each of their husbands died carrying out, and it’s got a fantastic growing cast. Kaluuya joins Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, André Holland, and Cynthia Erivo, who will be working off a script from Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn. In 2018, Kaluuya will also be appearing in Marvel’s Black Panther. So, things are going pretty damn well.

Your New Crush Daniel Kaluuya Joins Steve McQueen’s Widows