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Alec Baldwin Distills Donald Trump’s Psychology Into One Concise Description: ‘He’s a Pamphlet Thesaurus’

Many have had cause to armchair-psychologize Donald Trump, but few possess the proximal grounds of Alec Baldwin. SNL’s official Trump impersonator — who revealed that his first performance as Trump was done with shockingly little preparation — shared the findings of his introspection on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, diagnosing the president thusly: “He’s always searching for a stronger, better word, and he never finds it.” To Baldwin, all of those gaping pauses and awkward cadences are the product of a “pamphlet thesaurus” of a man. Wanna bet that Trump’s response to Baldwin’s latest diss will be … bigly?

Alec Baldwin Pithily Describes Trump As ‘Pamphlet Thesaurus’