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Allison Williams and Samuel L. Jackson on Getting Excited While Filming Sex Scenes: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

If you are a thespian and also not Hugh Grant, sex scenes are probably not a highlight of the job. With sex scenes involving men in particular, there’s the question of what will worsen workplace dynamics more: arousal, or a lack thereof? Allison Williams gave a considered response to the dilemma on Watch What Happens Live, explaining, “It is flattering but upsetting when it happens, and it is also upsetting and unflattering when it doesn’t happen. So the best-case scenario is kind of like a suggestion of excitement without the actual physical manifestation of it.” To which Samuel L. Jackson says, “Bullshit.” Perhaps, but this is one venue in which Williams is the one to know.

Allison Williams Talks Virtues of Sex-Scene Excitement