Anne Frank Center Asks Tim Allen to Apologize for Comparing Hollywood to ’30s Germany: ‘Tim, Have You Lost Your Mind?’

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Thursday, Tim Allen poked fun at Hollywood’s current political climate, joking, in part, “This town. I’m not kidding. You gotta be real careful around here or you get beat up. If you don’t believe what everybody believes, this is like ’30s Germany.” Now Allen is hearing from an organization that actually knows what ’30s Germany was like: the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. Their take on the Last Man Standing star’s comments? “Tim, have you lost your mind?” the center’s executive director Steven Goldstein said in a statement, according to Entertainment Weekly. “No one in Hollywood today is subjecting you or anyone else to what the Nazis imposed on Jews in the 1930s — the world’s most evil program of dehumanization, imprisonment, and mass brutality, implemented by an entire national government, as the prelude for the genocide of nearly an entire people.”

Goldstein continued: “Sorry, Tim, that’s just not the same as getting turned down for a movie role. It’s time for you to leave your bubble to apologize to the Jewish people and, to be sure, the other peoples also targeted by the Nazis.” Allen so far has not responded.

Anne Frank Center Wants Tim Allen’s Apology for Germany Joke