quantum and woody

Avengers Directors the Russo Brothers Producing Superhero Tale Quantum and Woody for TV

Quantum and Woody, as they appear in comics.

As we approach the resource crisis of Peak Superhero, studios and production companies are in a mad dash to snap up whatever superhero properties aren’t owned by Marvel Comics (the home of Spider-Man) and DC Comics (dwelling place of Batman). It appears that one such property is being developed for TV by Captain America: Civil War directors (and Emmy winners for their work on Community) Joe and Anthony Russo: Valiant Comics’ Quantum and Woody. The Wrap had the scoop.

They’re a critically acclaimed and delightfully idiosyncratic concept, co-created in the ’90s by writer Christopher Priest and artist M.D. Bright. Their adventures are a riff on The Defiant Ones, one in which two mismatched men — a nobly responsible black man named Eric and a wildly irresponsible white one named Woody — find themselves linked by powerful bracelets that grant superpowers but also require the wearers to “klang” them together at regular intervals. They also have a goat. It’s a germane concept for rich action-comedy, and, appropriately, Ant-Man producers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari are also attached. No word on who’s playing Quantum, Woody, or the goat.

Russo Bros Producing Superhero Tale Quantum and Woody