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Belle Prepares to Shimmy Her Way to Freedom in New Beauty and the Beast Clip

Whether Belle does or does not have Stockholm Syndrome by Beauty and the Beast’s end is a question for armchair psychologists in possession of more pristine faux-credentials than our own. Emma Watson has described her Belle as more of a fighter, though, and we finally have some evidence of that. After plenty of footage that has looked like a (pretty!) shot-for-shot remake of the original animated classic, a new clip has debuted, showcasing the scene in which Belle resists the beast’s attempts to coax her into a dinner invite, this time with the added grit of a fully hatched escape plan. Beaaaast, never leave your prisoner with cloth that can be knotted together — that is Keeping a Prisoner Imprisoned 101! We’re supposed to believe you’ve been cloistered in an enchanted castle sans social interaction for years upon years, and you’ve never lost a day to mainlining literally any prison-y procedural? Even for suspension of disbelief, that’s a bridge too far.

Belle Prepares Her Escape in New Beauty and the Beast Clip