b is for billy

Billy Eichner’s Visit to Sesame Street Is the Politest Billy on the Street Clip You’ll Likely Ever See

Billy Eichner is on his absolute best behavior when filming Billy on the Sesame Street, a child-friendly mash-up of Billy on the Street and Sesame Street. Oh, he’ll still barge into your little Muppet conversation, give you a cookie after you specifically try to hand it off to an increasingly desperate Cookie Monster, and interrupt Grover while he’s doing laundry, but Billy’s irritation still only gets to about at level one … no, level five … wait, wait, level six! Next time, put Big Bird through Leah Remini’s Escape From Scientology obstacle course, and see if Eichner doesn’t immediately lose his mind.

Billy Eichner Brings His Questions to Sesame Street