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Brad Pitt Didn’t Go to the Oscars Because He Was Reportedly Busy Sculpting

Art isn’t easy. Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images For Paramount Pictures

If you’re an A-lister, you take a step up from the standard post-divorce Paint-and-Sip. Moonlight, produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, took home Best Picture at the Oscars, but Pitt himself was nowhere to be seen — not because he was sick, or staging some sort of protest, but because he was in the studio making a sculpture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pitt was holed up in artist Thomas Houseago’s studio in Frogtown, L.A., on Sunday night “nearly 10 days” into perfecting his work. There, in the darkness, we imagine Brad humming “Finishing the Hat” to himself and throwing bits of clay together into a grim hunk of repressed emotion known only as “Angie, Study No. 1.”

Brad Pitt Missed the Oscars Because He Was Busy Sculpting