The Cancer Patient Referenced in Full Frontal Segment Doesn’t Accept Samantha Bee’s Apology

Photo: Jessica Miglio/TBS

On Wednesday night, Kyle Coddington, a contributor to the conservative news blog Outset, was made the butt of a Full Frontal segment’s joke in which correspondent Michael Rubens labeled Coddington’s closely cropped haircut as another one of CPAC’s “Nazi haircuts.” When Coddington tweeted at Bee and told her that his haircut was the product of his battling a serious form of brain cancer, the comedian and the show apologized and pledged to donate money to a relevant charity. Now, in a statement posted last night, Coddington says Bee’s “half-apology” is not accepted: “I want to make it clear that half-apologizing for offending someone is not apologizing for making baseless accusations against people because of the way they look,” he wrote. “This kind of behavior should be rejected by both sides of the aisle.”

Cancer Patient Blasts Full Frontal’s Apology