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Carl Reiner Praises Conan for His ‘Nut Spoon’ Sketch: ‘The Best Sketch I’ve Seen in a Long Time’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Conan, where guest Carl Reiner takes a moment to praise Conan O’Brien and his staff for what he calls “the best sketch I’ve seen in a long time” – a delightfully long, ridiculous sketch from earlier this month called “The Conan Crew Demand a Better Nut Spoon.” “On the idiocy scale, after 24 years of doing this, it was pretty high by our standards,” O’Brien tells Reiner. “I can’t believe A you saw it, B you liked it, and C you’re showing it to other people. Makes my life.” If you missed the “Nut Spoon” sketch when it first aired, you can watch it for yourself below:

Carl Reiner Praises Conan O’Brien for His ‘Nut Spoon’ […]