Check Out Gina Yashere’s Very British ‘Daily Show’ Debut

British comedian Gina Yashere made her debut last night as the newest contributor on The Daily Show, and given all of the parallels between Brexit and the Trump administration, Trevor Noah turned to Yashere to offer some insight on what we can expect from Trump’s presidency, which he promised to supporters would be “Brexit plus plus plus.” As Yashere notes, what we can expect from that promise, unsurprisingly, is probably what Brexit did to the UK – like breaking healthcare promises, lowering retail sales, rising racism, and “crushing” the pound – only it’ll be, in Trump style, plus-plus-plus. “Look, America has a history of taking things from Britain and supersizing them. You did it with slavery and you did it with The Office, and both of the American versions went on way too long,” Yashere says. “I’m glad that you are here to help with the fight, Gina,” Trevor responds. “Fight? I ain’t fighting for shit. Trump is your problem. I’m just here for the Reebok Pumps.”

Check Out Gina Yashere’s Very British ‘Daily Show’ […]