Check Out Some Photos from Nathan Fielder’s Pop-Up Summit Ice Store

Yesterday, Nathan Fielder opened up the first-ever Summit Ice pop-up store in Vancouver, and based on the accounts of fans and reporters who were there, it looks like the store was a wildly popular success:

Here are some more photos of the store a fan shared in the Nathan for You subreddit:

Another fan on Reddit shared what their whole experience was like from start to finish:

  • Wait in line for two hours in the rain (worth it, though)
  • Go in tiny store. Storefront is decorated with “Summit Ice” banner and Auschwitz pictures, plus a model sporting the jacket.
  • Probably 15-20 people at a time are allowed in the store, semi-lined up. Merchandise is displayed around the store. There’s a guy from CBC Radio interviewing people coming in.
  • People pick out what they want to buy and head toward a counter. You throw your Taiga jacket in a bin if you have one, otherwise put a donation in a plexiglass container. Note that the recommended donations were higher than the online prices ($120 for the jacket, lol).
  • After the transaction, you go to the end of the counter and a lady reads you a Holocaust fact. An awkward silence ensues. Then she asks you if you believe the Holocaust actually happened. If you say yes, you get a “Deny Nothing” pin and a sheet of Holocaust facts (which cites Wikipedia as a source).
  • While this is happening, Nathan is making his way around the store chatting with people. He is very pleasant and approachable, and seems more than happy to take selfies with people.

According to CBC News, the Summit Ice store’s location was very close to a Taiga store, the Holocaust-denying brand that inspired Fielder to start Summit Ice in the first place. It’s also raised a ton of money for the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre:

Fielder, who also has a business degree from the University of Victoria, says the company has sold more than $500,000 worth of products since it began. “It’s been a very successful business, a very successful brand and we’re very excited about it,” he said. The pop-up store was open from 11 a.m to 5 p.m. PT. It was the retailer’s first physical location — right next door to a Taiga store. Fielder said all of the Taiga jackets collected on Sunday would be thrown away. Taiga did not respond to requests for comment.

“We’re trying to take all the Taiga jackets off the market in Vancouver,” Fielder also told CBC. And from the looks of that bin full of old jackets in the Summit Ice store, it looks like Fielder put a respectable dent in that goal – plus, he raised lots of Holocaust awareness along the way.

Check Out Some Photos from Nathan Fielder’s Pop-Up […]