What Exactly Is Going On in This Photo of Ciara, Russell Wilson, and Baby Future?

At some point during Ciara’s stunning pregnancy shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, someone had a bad idea. “Let’s give the people a puzzle,” an assistant might have suggested. “Russell,” a photographer might have prodded. “How about you, um, kneel behind CiCi?” And so, from a very beautiful photo shoot, we have whatever this is: a photo of Ciara, her husband Russell Wilson, and baby Future, limbs all tangled.

Finger-pointing aside, this is quite the quandary. How’s this: Russell’s hands are Ciara’s baby belly. His head may or may not be resting around the small of her back. Ciara is holding baby Future, who has his arms around her neck. So basically this is a totally normal photo where Russell Wilson’s face is weirdly absent. What a loss, too! He had a key guest appearance in Ciara’s Whitney Houston homage:

What Exactly Is Going On in This Photo of Ciara?