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Comedian Artie Lange Arrested for Cocaine and Heroin Possession

Artie Lange. Photo: Anna Webber/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Former Howard Stern Show regular Artie Lange was arrested last Sunday for drug possession. The comedian was reportedly found with several bags of cocaine and heroin and drug paraphernalia, both on his person and in his car, according to the Hudson Reporter. He was released after being booked on three charges. Lange, who has a well-documented history of drug use and at least two related suicide attempts, acknowledged the charges on Twitter. He insisted, however, that he’s fine and has “never wanted to live more.” “Hey guys. I was arrested. I’m doing great. Physically too!,” he wrote.

The Crashing actor also discussed the possibility of HBO firing him for the arrest, saying it’d be his own fault. Asked to weigh in, Crashing executive producer Judd Apatow insisted, “We would never give up on Artie or anyone struggling with addiction.”

Comedian Artie Lange Arrested for Coke, Heroin Possession