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Daily Show Analyzes Paul Ryan’s Attempt to Steal America’s Girlfriend, America’s Girlfriend Being Health-Care Reform

Speaker Paul Ryan is currently in the nation’s political spotlight, like how a high-school freshman would step into a spotlight to serenade their date with an elaborate prom-prosal, only to have his or her pants immediately fall down in front of the entire student body. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah examines the Republicans’ recent complicated attempt to pass the American Health Care Act after seven years of fighting Obamacare, and reflects on what lessons might be there for you to find. Because someday, the boy and/or girl of your dreams might decide to give you a chance after all, and it would be good if they didn’t give you that chance on the exact day you throw up on the bus to Six Flags in front of everybody.

Daily Show Analyzes Paul Ryan’s Attempt to Pass the AHCA