Dave Chappelle to Hang Out on or Near Motorcycles With Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus

Let it be known that the Walking Dead’s Daryl, real life’s Norman Reedus, has a pretty great thing going on. Not only does the actor have a big part in a hit zombie drama, but he also hosts his very own motorcycle and travel show Ride With Norman Reedus where he and a buddy take their bikes to different destinations around America to appreciate good food and look at other motorcycles on AMC. According to comicbook.com, next season of the series will not only include Reedus doing his Reedus thing with his co-star and fictional nemesis Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), but also an appearance from Dave Chappelle, who spoofed Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan when he hosted Saturday Night Live. Hopefully Reedus’s interactions with these Negans will be a lot less bloody than they would be on his other AMC series, unless they’re enjoying some very rare meat — then they should just be careful.

Dave Chappelle to Hang With Motorcycles and Norman Reedus