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Will Poor Amsterdam Ever Get to See a Drake Concert Following His Third Postponement?


If you had to cancel a concert in Amsterdam, it would be because you ate a brownie at a coffee shop and fell down all the flights of stairs at the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum, ruining everyone’s enjoyment of all the Dutch maritime history. Drake, unfortunately, had a much less fun reason for canceling his concert today at the city’s Ziggo Dome. According to the explanation delivered from the stage after the show’s audience had already entered the arena, the More Life rapper “got sick” and “his doctor told him not to perform.” Several fans threw water bottles onto the stage before filing out. As Pitchfork points out, Drake’s January 20 and 21 concerts in Amsterdam had previously been switched to January 26 and 27, then once again canceled and moved back March 27 and 28. Hopefully Drake is resting, drinking a lot of fluids, and not spending eight hours staring at just one wall of the Rembrandt House Museum, because ticket holders have been told the show has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, March 29.

Update March 28: Sources close to Drake told TMZ that “bad sushi” was to blame for Drake’s sickness, and added he was so sick he had to get medical attention immediately. Hopefully he’s been eating plenty of saltine crackers and is ready to finally give Amsterdam a show tomorrow.

Drake Postpones Amsterdam Concert After Doors Open