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Emma Stone & Steve Carell To Keep Tennis Going After US Open With Billie Jean King & Bobby Riggs Biopic

Emma Stone, Steve Carell Photo: Fox Searchlight

This September, don’t forget about tennis just because the US Open and, therefore Grand Slam-season, is over. Emma Stone and Steve Carell’s Billie Jean King & Bobby Riggs Biopic Battle of the Sexes is due to hit theaters September 22. So, when you’re friends are trying to tell you about the latest football match, or the pending baseball World Series, explain that you are far too concerned about the outcome of a 1973 exhibition match between one the greatest woman tennis player of all time and a 55 year-old former champion male player who was also a chauvinist. Or just watch the movie and then spoil the details when one of those other ball-games comes on. Your choice. The movie also stars Alan Cumming, Andrea Riseborough, Elizabeth Shue, Austin Stowell and Sarah Silverman.

Emma Stone, Steve Carell’s Tennis Biopic Gets Fall Release