All The Times Fans Got Engaged at Adele Concerts

Hello from the other side… of the aisle. Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

When it comes to love, Adele did not come to play. She did, however, come to be the conduit through which all concert engagements must flow. During her final Australian tour date last night at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium, Adele invited a pair of fans onstage and, lo and behold, one of them by the name of Chris dropped to his knee to pop the question. “I had no idea that was going to happen. So that was unplanned. I had no idea there, “ she informed the crowd, agog. But if you’re Adele, you should probably know by now that if you spot two maniacally grinning goofballs in the crowd, quaking with romance, and invite them onstage, you’re going to get a concert proposal. If Adele needs a quick refresher, here’s a look back at all the lovebirds who have flocked to her concerts to start their new lives together. Hey, they were going to be crying anyway.

February 29, 2016 : Belfast

Adele got a Belfast stadium filled with tens of thousands of howling, engagement-crazed audience members to beg a man named Neil to say yes to his girlfriend’s proposal, in honor of Ireland’s Leap Day tradition. “Come on, Neil!,” Adele cried. If this doesn’t convince you, Neil, then dear god, what will? What will?

March 15, 2016: London

“Did you just get engaged?” Adele exclaimed at her London show on March 15, 2016, before beckoning newly betrothed couple Natalie King and Johnny Biggle on stage. You know the answer to that, Adele. Turns out, “Make You Feel My Love” is their song, and what are you going to do, hear Adele sing your song right in front of you and not get engaged? Be reasonable.

May 3, 2016: Copenhagen

Back on May 3, 2016 Adele invited André Söderberg and Simon Carlsson on stage at Denmark’s Forum Copenhagen, allegedly due to their fun eyewear, only to be stunned when Söderberg proposed. “Should I be your surrogate if you have children?” Adele asked the couple, a fun detail which basically blows everyone else’s proposal out of the water, Adele-wise.

May 17, 2016: Zurich

While performing in Zurich, Switzerland, Adele called a man named Corey — who happened to be from Michigan — to the stage. When asked why he was in Switzerland, he was quick to say his boyfriend lives there, and without missing a beat, he promptly called him to the stage to ask him if they could spend the rest of their lives together.

May 25, 2016: Barcelona

You’d think that by now, Adele knows all the signs of a person who wants to come onstage to make a grand romantic gesture. And yet here she is again, acting affably surprised and then singing “Make You Feel My Love” for two South Africans getting engaged onstage in Barcelona.

October 7, 2016: Toronto

Adele is standing literally two feet away, cheering and asking for a selfie during your proposal. At this point, it’s bad form if you don’t propose at an Adele concert.

March 19, 2017: Melbourne

At least Chris’ fiancé looks like he was taken completely by surprise last night.

All The Times Fans Got Engaged at Adele Concerts