Father John Misty Releases ‘Generic Pop’ Song Trio, a Name That’s Going to Make You Feel a Little Weird About Loving Them

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Releasing three solid pop songs you’ll feel guilty for enjoying at face value because he dubbed them “generic”? Father John Misty has got your number, hasn’t he? Ahead of his album Pure Comedy, slated for release April 7, the musician otherwise known as Josh Tillman posted three new tracks, “Generic Pop Song #3,” “Generic Pop Song #9,” and “Generic Pop Song #16” on SoundCloud early today. Between the titles, the hand claps, and the fact that none of the songs are included on the new album, it’s not such a wild assumption to think the tracks were written for an artist other than himself. But whom? Seeing as he’s written for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, and he’s singing in female pronouns … look, “Generic Pop Song #16” definitely has shades of Lemonade, right? Who knows? “Better or for worse/blessing or a curse”? Come on now. We’re just saying.

Father John Misty Releases ‘Generic Pop’ Song Trio