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Finn Jones Says Iron Fist Isn’t Made for Critics, So Please Just Ignore All Those Bad Reviews

Fooey to your reviews! Photo: Cara Howe/Netflix

Netflix’s latest superhero adventure Marvel’s Iron Fist has received quite the critical drubbing in the lead-up to its March 17 release, both for being yet another story of about a white guy who goes to Asia and turns out to be just the best at martial arts and for being pretty uninteresting in general. While star Finn Jones’s attempts to address Iron Fist’s racial politics led to him to delete his Twitter account, the actor defended the show against larger criticisms in an interview with Metro UK. “These shows are not made for critics, they are first and foremost made for the fans,” he said, explaining that critics aren’t going to come into the show with the same expectations of diehard Netflix Marvel show fans, who, apparently, just want to kick back and chill. “I also think some of the reviews we saw were seeing the show through a very specific lens. And I think when the fans of the Marvel Netflix world and fans of the comic books view the show through the lens of just wanting to enjoy a superhero show, then they will really enjoy what they see.” See, to enjoy Iron Fist, you just have to want to enjoy it! Leave it to Danny Rand to produce a masterful koan.

Finn Jones Says Iron Fist Isn’t Made for Critics