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First Trailer for A Dark Song Features a Trapped, Grieving Mother and Horrors of the Occult

A Dark Song made Vulture’s list of most anticipated horror films back at the start of the year, and it finally has its first trailer. The Irish production debuted at Fantastic Fest last year, and every early review has laid praise on the film. The plot centers on a woman named Sophia who has lost her son, and in her grief embarks on a months-long ritual to bring him back to life. To complete this process, however, she must follow the demands of a recluse occultist named Joseph who at least claims to know what he’s doing. So, on top of the supernatural terrors, it looks like Dark Song layers on entrapment horror and maybe some Stockholm Syndrome, too. As Joseph’s demands start to look more and more like torture, she becomes increasingly dependent on him to not only bring back her son, but also to survive the grueling ritual.

First Trailer for A Dark Song Features Horrors of the Occult