‘Full Frontal’ Follows Up on Its Georgia Rape Kit Story with ‘Schoolhouse Rock on Steroids’

Last year, Full Frontal ran a fantastic segment on the enormous rape kit backlog in the US and two lawmakers in Georgia who blocked a unanimous vote to stop the kits from being destroyed, and during last night’s show, Bee presented an animated followup to the story that’s a whole lot less devastating and frustrating. Thanks to lots of persistence and hard work by State Representative Scott Holcomb, the bill ultimately passed, and State Senator Renee Unterman – who blocked the bill from being passed last year – got behind it. “It was an example of how people can come together to make a difference and to fix a very bad problem, and we did it,” Holcomb says. “We did it across party lines, and we did it in a relentless way where we never gave up. And I’m really proud of that.” Check out the full segment above.

‘Full Frontal’ Follows Up on Its Georgia Rape Kit […]