Former President George W. Bush Argued With Lorne Michaels About Who Came Up With ‘Strategery’

Former President George W. Bush continued his “Look, See, I’m Not So Bad” tour last night with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he describes debating Lorne Michaels about the origin of perhaps the most famous Bushism of his eight years in office: “strategery.” Of course, SNL introduced the world to the word via Will Ferrell’s impression of the 43rd president, but Bush insists on taking credit for “misunderestimate.” He also prefers Steve Bridges’s George W. Bush impersonation to Ferrell’s take, recalling a White House Correspondents’ Dinner bit which you can watch and judge for yourself below. It’s pretty neck-and-neck. Both really nailed that shoulder laugh:

President Bush Has One Gripe With Ferrell’s SNL Impression